What is GDP

It is the simple measure of the value all the activities in the economy in a country. It is also the sum of all market values and prices.

Nominal GDP

It is the GDP which is evaluated at the present market prices and costs. It can include all the changes in market prices which have occurred in the current year because of deflation and inflation.

Real GDP

Real GDP is actually an inflation adjusted number that reflects the actual value of all the goods and services which are produced by an economy in any given year, it is expressed in terms of base-year prices and is also the constant and unvarying price.

Reasons to Own Gold

Inflation Hedge

It is an investment which is considered to actually protect the falling down power of purchasing of a currency which indeed results in the loss of its value because of the rising prices.

Deflation Protection

You are protected no matter what. If the market faces deflation, you will not be affected by it.

Geopolitical Uncertainty

It is certainly a key driver and the geopolitical risks are interrelated and therefore they need to viewed in the hostile context.

Increasing Demand

We will not waver if the demand increases. In-fact we will stick by your side and make sure that the increasing demand is a good thing.

Economy Factors

Stock Market

The stock is always changing and growing, it will always continue to do so, if you want any help when it comes to the stock market you can consult us.


Inflation & Deflation

Inflation actually happens when the price of goods and even services goes up, deflation happen when the same prices go down. The balance is very important.

Approaches to GDP

We have a great approach to GDP which will help you in a lot of ways.

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