bone carving necklace

The Incredible Origins And Stories Of The Bone Carving Necklace

A bone carving necklace is a prized possession that is now becoming adored by many jewellery fanatics across the globe. There is a long history and journey it took for this jewel to get from New Zealand clans all the way to the retail industry. It has an incredible origin story making it one of the earliest pieces of eco-jewellery ever to exist. With its withstanding nature and tenacity pass down from ancestors, making it tradition that is now shared among the whole population. It’s incredibleness and versatility make this collar one to cherish for years to come – and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In this article, we will be going the long-awaited history of the bone carving necklaces and how they got here today.

The Incredible Origins

As aforementioned in the last section, a bone carving necklace is one of the oldest environmentally friendly jewellery we have in the world. A lovely bone carving necklace is known to have been made of animal skeletons, teeth, shells, stone, and wood. What was once used as a practical item has now become a decorative and religious emblem. Bird carcasses that were once the core constructs of the animal became used as a bead or pendant. They can even be turned into musical whistles, that were sourced by religious elders.  Create your own designs with the help of the sharp corner of a stone, alongside a strong piece of granite for grinding, you can make the pendants of your utmost desire with the bone carving necklace. The bone carving necklace is found in a variety of origin spots ranging from South Russia, Old America, Azilian, and New Zealand countries.

The Koru Pendant

In New Zealand, the most popular form of this type of jewellery is the Koru pendant which is signifies the fern frond plant. Coming from nature, this plant is the main symbol of the incredible nature offered in this country. The Koru pendant symbolizes expansion, tranquility, and renewal. This bead has been beloved from people around the world adorning the item. This Koru is known for is twists and swirls in its designs. This bone carving necklace is one of the most treasured and sacred types therefore it is important to treasure this item. It brings forward the idea of a continual cycle, with the constant room for movement and growth. With this bead, it comes in the shade of jade which signifies the symbol of richness, harmony, and wealth.

In the current present

The bone carving necklace is one of the most beloved treasures we have seen in this day and age. This form of jewellery is now worn by a variety of different cultures as well as the modern population. There are many benefits that come with this jewel such as its ability to stand out from other types of pendants. This form of jewellery is now taken the world by storm with its beautiful designs and patterns. With a bone carving necklace, this is the perfect present to give someone whether it is friend or acquaintance. There is a variety of different options and styles to choose from for them to surely find one they will enjoy.

You cannot go wrong with the incredible qualities that adorns this lovely bone carving necklace. Spanning across a variety of different areas, ranging from Azilian cultures all the way to the southern part of the world, New Zealand. It has been one of the most beloved eco-friendly jewellery that has taken the world by storm being founded in a many place across countries. The Koru Pendant is one of the most prized styles of the bone carving necklace, being famous coming from New Zealand. With the bone carving necklace, you will not only represent an essential part of history but you’ll look stylish too! =