3Web: Free Internet Media by Peer-to-Peer
– Web.3.0: Evolution of the Web/Client/Server to add P2P Techno, directly from one computer to another
– Backwards compatible with all the Web/Websites, keeping all his speed/simplicity/richness (HTML)
– 3Web: Media/Contents fully under Free License, and Opensources for Standard
– 3Net-P2P: Free Network without Website, or Domain, or Server, or Host, or Intermediate, or any Fees !
– Freedom of Expression : no Intermediate, no Censorship, no Moderation, no Forbidden, and no more Intellectual Property
– Universal Nickname/Login to the entire Web.3.0, to register only once
– Anonymity possible thanks to encrypted P2P, whose signature “@Anonyme” without any password
– “Websites” permanently replaced by the Web hyper-semantic
– Web hyper-semantic: Navigation by /Folders commonly featured by all @Internaut-users
– Writing free of 3Pages by all @Internaut-users in all common /Folders
– Voting/Subscription/Banishment System to automatically receive the 3News you want
– Replicating 3Pages among Readers who voted positively, to be completely uncensorable
– The Hive: Hypersemantical Search Engine to maintain the Speed of the Web (3sec/click), and the Pertinence of 3Web
– Ranking Hyperlinks by Pertinence voted anonymously by all the Community
– 3Navigators: Designed as “Operating Systems of Internet.3.0” Free/Opensources
– 3Webapps: 3Net Applications by P2P, downloadable or fully programmable, to make dynamic 3Pages
– Tribal Web by F2F: Social Network by private Tribes in Friend-to-Friend, devoid of any spying
– F2F: Tribe accessible only by invitation from the Host like an impenetrable firewall

3Webee: The 1st opensource 3Navigator dedicated to Web.3.0 by P2P
– Published with Codesources in “C#” for “MS-DotNet-3.5” initially under “Windows”
– Requires only an Internet connection with a Router/Box/ADSL enabled for “UPnP” by default
– Designed to be Compatible in future with “Mono.net” under “Linux” (or “Mac”)
– Opensources Standard copyable/student willingness to freely create other compatible 3Navigators
– Binary HTML engine of Mozilla/Gecko/Firefox, backward compatible with the entire Web
– Little Size in memory and more speed that Firefox, whose Option “Tab Full Page” a little biggest
– All your peersonal datas are stored in your home as a safe
– Simplified Visual Page Editor (html) to publish on the network 3Net-P2P, like this one
– Simplified Copy/Paste of all 3Pages thanks to the Free Licence, waiting for professional models…
– New Html-tag “Wysiwyg” incorporating the Visual editor in 3Webforms
– First opensource 3Webapp: 3Wall forming a Wall of discussions in any 3Page with only one paste
– 3Wall: Wall which replaces both the public forums, reader comments, tribal forum, and even tribal email
– New: Final Version.3.0.0 for Windows, thanks to the hidden auto-update