Finding A Good Flight School For Helicopter Training

So you have a passion for helicopters and want to learn how to fly one? Well, unfortunately, it is not as simple as putting the keys in your car and driving off. Aircraft are much more complex when compared to cars and bikes which means you need to take proper instructions if you want to fly one day. This also applies to helicopter training and you will need to find a good school where you can train. However, finding a good helicopter school is a bit tricky as not everything turns out to be the way you expect. To avoid that from happening, you need to know how to find a proper school for helicopter training which is what we are talking about in this article.

Research as much as you can

Before you go and meet even a single school, the first thing you need to do is find out about every single helicopter training school in your area. Sometimes you might not even find one, so all you need to do is expand your research a bit more. The point is that you need to have a comprehensive list of options that covers everything you will ever need to become a pro one day. The list you have should not have just the names of the schools of course. Find out everything you can about their courses, what they offer, what conditions you need to follow, and what kind of aircraft they claim to have. All of these things will play a key role in your decision later.

Look for reviews, online and from your peers

Having developed so much interest in helicopters that you want to fly means you know a few people who already fly them. If you do not, we recommend that you start making some new acquaintances. When deciding which schools to check out for your helicopter training, we recommend that you ask those people as they know a lot about these schools. They can shortlist the top schools for you easily and your work would diminish significantly.

However, also find out what the latest updates are on each school by looking for reviews online. With everything being reviewed online, you should easily find out what people think about a particular school. This can be extremely useful in not only the shortlisting process for your helicopter training but also to find out what you should be expecting next.

Go for facility tours and interviews

Nothing beats a physical inspection and that is true for helicopter training schools as well. Before you even think about signing up anywhere, do a detailed tour of their facilities and find out everything you can directly from the instructors. You will find many things at the premises that you will not find online or from other people outside the school. Use this information to decide if a school is worth admitting into or not.

Aircraft collection

While this is usually highly recommended to be done when deciding on airplane training, helicopter training also has this requirement somewhat. While aircraft options let you decide which one you want to fly and if the school has it or not, it also gives you an idea of how well-maintained the aircraft is. It also allows you to look if the aircraft in use is reliable or outdated which could create a risk for the flyer.

While all the factors listed here are extremely important, you must also prioritize your budget. Do not go over it to avoid unnecessary debt. However, you should also avoid opting for the cheapest place as it could be hazardous and lead to a poor helicopter training.