L e W eb. 3 .0 in Peer2Peer what is it?
The Web.3.0 accessible all Navigateur.libre.3.0 is a techno-philosophical revolution of the Web to him add nowas an opensource standard: not only a ” P2P ” or peer-to- peer communication directly from one @Internaut to anotherBut also a free license to all of our completely free media in accordance with the philosophy of sharing P2P of Internet , so we liberate all our @ Internet users from the shackles of any intermediary of any intellectual property of any Operating License , of any arbitrary Censorship or Moderation , of any Big Brother Spy , and thus of all Obscurantism … for the sole purpose of finally devoting : our Freedom of Expression and ourInalienable Privacyof @Internauts . The Web.3.0 is designed as the operating system open source s of internet , hosting Applications P 2 P and F 2 F called 3Webapps freely programmable / downloadable , for ever replace all that before existed on the Internet as: the secrets eMails, Networks Private Social ( F2F ), Twitts, Blogs, Forums, Wikis, incenseurable Board-Warez , RSS feeds, ” Cloudof Documents “, the Web-hyper-semantic … but in more simple, more powerful, of which we are finally our own actor without intermediary, of us with the total control of our own data peersonnelles stored at home in all security, and that in one and the same interface finally unified and extensible to infinity: like the many Applications already provided for the 3Sections of the Media :
3Browser compatible with all theClassic Spider Web and all of its Websites thanks to the EngineMozilla \ html
Optimization of application of your true Web Sites Engine Hyper-Democratic Semantic Search of 3web: whose relevance is passed!
Site.Web.3.0 : Double your Decentralized Democratic Semantic Website.Web.3.0in P2P by pure redirection to your Web Servers
@Internaute : Classify your 322.Webspider.png Favorite Websites in / Semantic Books to garner + Bonus votes as a Pioneer!
3Web: en: / Hard Disk / P2P / Planetary / Common whose Tree of / Semantic Books cleverly replaces old Websites
Free choice of our @Signature common to the whole Web.3.0 allowing to write anywhere anything
Freedom of Expression devoid of any censorship allowing @Chacun to write what he wants where he wants: without asking anyone
Of @Pages \ html written in any / book to keep all the speed , the simplicity and the power of the Web
A Visual Page Editor to publish our @Oeuvres \ html directly on the 3Net network , like this typical page
Example : ” 3Web: en: / Art / Cinema / Movie / Science-Fiction / Matrix Trilogy / The Matrix @ & Allociné.fr \ html” where @Chacun can write his competing page!
La Ruche : Democratic Search Engine to Keep the Speed ​​of the Web (3s / click), but the Relevance is Voted in Summer by @Internauts
The Vote of Subscription + / Banissement– our semantic Topics preferred to receive At home all their News and Publications
Suitable for 316.Page.pngsemantic pages of: Blogs, Actus, Twitts, because transferred immediately to all subscribers without bandwidth (P2P)
Totally free media allowing the official Copy / Paste of all Pages.3.0 thanks to the Free License , which soon “Pro” models316.Page.png
The Anonymity total process Publication of @Auteur undetectable because melted in the middle of readers Cloud in P2P-encrypted
The Replication automatically the pages among subscribers who voted positively to be totally incensurable
3Webapps : P2P applications to dynamically program our pages in 1click without any computer knowledge
3Wall : Home discussion walls created freely in our 1clic Pages of which we are the only moderator
Tribal Web in Friend2Friend: Social Networks Tribal privateoninvitationsexclusive of@ Host /to enterWith him
Privacy guaranteed by our own computer that prohibits any intrusion of @ Home / , devoid of any espionage like an Anti-Facebook
The secure storage at home of all our personal data at home, and no longer online under an obscure License of Exploitation
The total control at home of all our personal tribal and application data : addition, edition, modification, deletion, exclusion …
The Universal remote access with our @login of all our Ico3Civilization.pngtribes , Ico3Webapp.png Applications, and Ico3File.pngDocuments shared from anywhere on the Ico3Globe.pngglobe …
3Wall : The 3Mails finally secret and without SPAM thanks to our Tribes allied to P2P-encrypted -secured
3Chat : The Cat in several in real time with our own tribal @Contacts in P2P-encrypted -Secure
3Cloud : The Private Tribal Sharing ofDocuments from one @ Home / to another in P2P-encrypted -secured
And soon All that one can imagine / copy / paste on the Internet.libre.3.0 in P2P to make it THE definitive Media beats for eternity …
The Web.3.0 is nothing other than a pure game of media conquest , whose advantage is to the Pioneers by snowball effect of the visibility, the votes, and relevance …

Opensources : 3 Web: http: //sourceforge.net/projects/triwebee/ [DownloadableC # source codeforVisual Studio| SharpDevelop] New : Mid-December 2011: To reinstall the new Final Version 3.0.3 forWindows(incompatible update)…Warning: If you do not haveMicrosoft-Dot-Net.4.0it will install in following the Windows instructions